Opposition Are Behind Assembly Crisis Rumour, They Are Distractors – Hon. Qozeem

Oyo state House Chairman on Information and Media, Hon. Qozeem Olayanju has debunked the rumour flying on social media about a purported crisis within the state lawmakers.

Hon. Olayanju during a telephone interview with Westerndailynews reporter, he said, it is pathetic and shameful reading a cook and bull story from opposition’s social media messengers. In his reaction, he said, he has gone through all the distractive messages and he is very bold to tell the people of Oyo state that, all are fabricated lies.

In his statement , Olayanju said, Oyo lawmakers are set of focus individuals, together as a group, brainstorming days and nights to complements the unrelenting efforts of the state government.

” we dont know where they got the rumour, the story emanated from enemies of progress, all the 32 lawmakers are in accord, working towards same goals, as at Tuesday morning during the plenary session, we deliberated on issues, no rancour or misunderstanding, even with Rt. hon. Debo Ogundoyin, we chatted and laughed after the plenary.

According to him Olayanju, he said the lawmakers unanimously agreed to adjourned seating to April 7th, in order to support the state government and public health workers to propagate fight against coronavirus, starting from their various constituency.

” Oyo 9th assembly is doing perfectly well under the young speaker, his experience speaks every minutes during deliberations, we all believed in the leadership of Rt. hon. Ogundoyin, he is a leader par excellence” .

” I think it high time jobless opposition set politics aside and stopped their false and distractive Information, they are using all channels to dent governor Seyi Makinde and PDP image in the state, in the last few days, they concocted many false stories about our governor and party but Oyo residents knew all the news are from political jobbers.

” The nation, state and every individuals are in a trying period, the coronavirus pandemic is real, all hands should be on desk to prevent the spreading of the deadly virus, let us also pray for survival of the victims, not to falsely divert the attention of people from frantic effort of Oyo State House of Assembly, the Executive arm and Public Health Workers from the fight against conronavirus pandemic “. Hon. Olayanju added.

Hon. Qozeem Olayanju, Igbeti born lawmaker in his final statement assured people of Oyo state continuous effort of the government in combating the spread of coronavirus.


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