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Increase In Covid-19 Cases In Oyo: Makinde’s Government Unprepared And Feeble | Dewumi Quadri

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Despite the fact that Oyo State Covid19 cases continually increasing on daily basis, the present administration in Oyo State is seen unprepared and enfeebled , and never pretend to be in control of pandemic response.

It is quiet understandable that the Governor is intimidated by the fading away goodwill through which he rose to power, this is often at display in many matters that required decisive actions of the Stat. While several measures are being considered by other States and Countries around the world to achieve the ultimate goal of reducing the overwhelming increase of Covid19 cases, Oyo State government shirked her responsibilities for common idea (using populism seeking style).

Oyo state in a critique, a large percentage of the incidences are cluster cases, the government needs to go back to the drawing board, avoid intimidation of future polls to call relevant agencies and come up with adequate measures that will impede its further growth.

Using of nose masks without appropriate social distancing is a joke, I suggest that the government should:

  1. closedown companies with workforce higher than 10, it will be very easier for companies to monitor and manage 10 people than it would be to manage 100 people.
  2. Oyo State Government should set up a task-force with a definite mandate to enforce compliance. Companies or individuals not following the laid guidelines, should be punished or fined, this I believe may add to the coffer of the State to help build the IGR.
  3. Traders selling essential materials such as food stuffs, pharmaceutical companies or stores, should be allowed to open while others non-essential services’ providers stay at home.
  4. Enforcement of interstate borders restriction be done out of mere political braggadocio
  5. It is observed that many people have been led to ignorance by the assertion of Governor Seyi Makinde on his recent pronouncement of local concoction as antidote to Covid 19. Government should return to the public through available mediums to disabuse the minds of the people against self medication and encourages adequate information are supplied by the medical professionals on realness of this virus and ways to prevent its spread.

6: The State should set up a quick response Center, for information gathering.

I believe State is not doing enough and there is still chance for Governor Seyi Makinde to make things right by moving governance away from self-pity and fear of criticism, we need to act fast.

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