Group Condemns Iwo Road Mayhem, Asks Gov. Makinde To Disband Park Manager System, Prosecute Rahman’s Killer


An interest group of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Oyo State, Oyo Must Be Great (OMBG), has in a press release condemn in totality the mayhem that happens at Iwo Road on Wednesday, 16th June, 2021 that claimed the lives of some innocent citizens and injured many other.

The group Coordinator, Hon. Ishola Adetoyese, in his press release said; “the unfortunate incident at Iwo Road yesterday went beyond politicizing and is a call-up incident for the Oyo state government to kindly listen to the voices of Oyo state people over the many atrocities of the Park Manager System ( PMS ) men all around the state.”

“It is then very imperative for Gov. Seyi Makinde to disband the activities of the PMS on the interim pending the review of their operations and consequently sack the indiscipline Disciplinary Committee Chairman of the PMS Mr. Mukalila Lamidi aka Auxiliary .”

“That  Mr. Mukaila Auxiliary as fingered in the mayhem be arrested and prosecuted for the sake of justice and bring hope to his government.”

“It is very inappropriate for an individual to be empowered with such power that is obviously seen to be inimical to the principle of social justice and security of the land. A peaceful Oyo state is what the Governor Makinde can use to convince us all that he is the Executive Governor of the state and not otherwise.” The group said.

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