UI VC: Start Fresh Selection Process, Unions Tell Governing Council


The Joint Action Congress of the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities and Non-Academic Staff Union of the University of Ibadan have asked the Governing Council of the university to start afresh the selection process of a new vice chancellor for the university.

The Chairman, SSANU, Wale Akinremi, while addressing congress of both unions on Monday said the selection process was fraught with irregularities and it should be nullified.

Akinremi said a new process should be started and all qualified applicants should be fairly treated.

He said, “This is our university, the essence of making our position know is not to cause chaos; it is just to point out the observed anomalies and that was what led to the suspension of the process. We are not going to appoint the vice chancellor, the University Governing Council is the one saddled with the responsibility and we do not have the right to take that responsibility away from them.

“But as Nigerians, as workers here and as taxpayers in this country, we also have a responsibility to tell them when we notice anomalies because before you know it, it’ll lay bad precedence.

“We are going to work with whoever becomes the vice chancellor, we won’t do more than we have done but posterity will judge us. We are at a point where we needed to make things clear and we did not shy away from our responsibility.

“The position of JAC is that they should start that process afresh.

We cannot be accusing the council of an anomaly and we will also be doing the same thing. We have written our petition, we have sent it to the places it should go to.We are waiting for whatever becomes of our observation.

“No matter how emotional you are, this is a civilised society, there is still the procedure. There are places we should send our petitions to, we have done that. When the result comes out, we are going to see what becomes of the situation.”

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