Covid-19; Why Number Of Cases In Oyo May Soon Be More Than That Of Lagos And Kano (Opinion)


As of today,18th of May, the number of confirmed cases in Lagos is 2550 while the number of confirmed cases in Kano is 825. As much as people like to argue that the number of cases in Kano is more than what is being announced, we only work with official data.

The number of confirmed cases in Oyo state (118) is relatively low when compared to these two states, but Oyo state just might be getting ready to overtake these states. Why do I say this?

Oyo state is either oblivious of the pandemic troubling the world or some sort of preventive measure has been created by the state that’s unknown to the rest of the world. The state is throwing caution to the air, in terms of the recommended measures by NCDC.

Taking a ride within the state, you will be surprised at the level of nonchalant attitude towards COVID-19. Ranging from the elite in the society to the common man in the state, everyone seems to be going on with their normal life, without any regard for the present situation in the world. It is almost like the only sectors affected in the state are religious organizations, clubs and lounges, entertainment and the educational sector. For others in the state it’s business as usual.

Considering the fact that the chairman of Oyo state Task Force, who doubles as the governor of the state was once positive to COVID-19, you will expect that the state will be extra cautious when it comes to issues concerning corona virus. Reverse is the case in this state, I’m guessing the governor probably doesn’t know how dangerous this disease is because he was asymptomatic all through the period he tested positive to COVID-19.

Governor Seyi Makinde is loved by all in his state, but concerning this COVID-19 issue, a lot of the people in the state feel he is under performing and could be doing a lot more. A lot of measures need to be in place by the Governor as soon as possible, as he hasn’t done much in this aspect, especially in the area of interstate travelling.

Oyo state border as at the time of writing this article, is very porous, people go in and out of the state every day. I have a friend that entered Oyo state from Lagos state yesterday. People make their way into the state from several states in the country, especially from Lagos (which has the highest number of confirmed cases). You would expect that a state with a highly educated governor will know the best way to control this disease is by preventing any foreign case from entering into the state. Which can only be ensured by seeing to it that only essential commodities make it into the state. How can interstate transport still be functioning at this time? The security agencies that are supposed to ensure that there is no interstate travelling are not helping matters at all, as they are all fighting for their pocket.

Markets in Ibadan are still as busy as they were few months ago, no change has happened in our market places. Social distancing is not practiced in any of these markets, they are always very crowded. Face masks are hardly used in these places. According to my observation only about 15 percent of the population in the state go out with their face masks, there by endangering the lives of everyone around them.

Transportation within the state is still the same, with people stuffed into buses and cabs till it reaches its highest capacity, with people packed tightly together. Face masks hardly worn and people rarely wash their hands even before entering public places. At the beginning of the pandemic in Nigeria, a 7pm to 6am curfew was announced in Ibadan but over time the curfew has lost its potency, People of the state now stay out till late at night with no form of punishment being meted out to offenders.

On the 16th of May, 31 new cases were confirmed in Oyo State, with 30 out of the 31 being workers of the same company, imagine the number of people that this workers have made contact with before they were tested and confirmed positive to COVID-19. If this disease spreads as fast as it is said to, then these disease must have been spread to several other people in the state who are not observing any form of social distancing nor wearing face masks. At this rate, the number of cases in the state will most likely increase in the next few days.

Yes, Lagos and Kano have the highest number of confirmed cases but a high level of preventive caution is being taken in these states when compared to Oyo State that seems oblivious to everything going on in its surrounding. If Oyo state doesn’t start taking the necessary precautionary measures, things could get really messy for the state in terms of C0VID-19

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