Adebayo Adelabu: Reincarnation of a Genius


Homologous recombination is a method in Genetics which determines which traits a child inherits from parents and grandparents. A human is genetically a recombination of four separate individuals. It could be deduced therefore that family is what makes a human who he or she is. A human derives half of his genome from each parent in the ratio of fifty percent each while he or she goes on to derive a fraction of his genome from grandparents in the ratio of twenty-five percent each, though the former is governed by exact necessity and the latter, by chance. However, to solve the curiosity of which of the grandparents a child is related to in terms of personal traits, paternal grandfather appears the most favoured.

The above scientifically confirmed theory is an attempt to create solid grounds for comparison of genetic traits between the late mercurial politician, the stormy petrel of Ibadan politics in the 50s, Adegoke Adelabu, and his grandson, Adebayo Adelabu, the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, for 2019 governorship election in Oyo state. During the politics of 1950s, especially in the political capital of the western region, Ibadan, Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi enjoyed cult-like love from the majority of Ibadan people because of his unfeigned passion for Ibadan cause and welfare.

At the period when the Action Group, the iconoclastic party of the late sage, Obafemi Awolowo, was making wondrous waves in regional and national politics, Adegoke Adelabu had the firm grip of Ibadan politics with his baby creation, the Ibadan People’s Party. The staunch support the Action Group was getting from other weighty politicians of the era like Adisa Akinloye could not retrieve Ibadan politics from Adegoke Adelabu’s firm grips. However, it wasn’t for nothing that Ibadan people pitched their political tent with the diminutive Adelabu.

The Lion of the West had a pact-unto-death decision to liberate Ibadan and her people from all ills that hindered their social, economic, intellectual and political prosperity. While Adegoke Adelabu held political sway in Ibadan, the oppositions remained in near permanent political oblivion.

As regards the opening paragraph of this opinion, Grandchild Bayo Adelabu undoubtedly inherits traits of academic astuteness, administrative acumen, unrivalled corporate accomplishments, business shrewdness and political popularity and influence from Grandpa Adegoke Adelabu.

As the Older Adelabu made outstanding marks in corporate business at both private and public sectors, Younger Adelabu also records resounding exploits at both public and private corporate environments, at relatively young ages. Older Adelabu had reached the peak of his professional and political careers in his late 30s, so is Younger Adelabu, who, arguably, was the youngest Deputy Governor of CBN before he retired early 2018 at the age of 48!

During his lifetime, Adegoke Adelabu was a political nightmare to his opponents. They became jittery at the mention of the corrupt version of one of his outbursts; Penkelemesi! His vociferous voice, contrasting his petite frame, made his opponents develop goose pimples whenever he mounted soap-box. And in an unmistakable confirmation of taking after his grandfather in many respects, Bayo Adelabu’s emergence as the governorship candidate of APC rattled members of the opposition parties, especially the governorship candidate of the major opposition party in the state as he has gone on inactive mode since Adebayo Adelabu emerged from the consensus of APC governorship primary guided to conflict-free conclusion by the excellent Executive Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi.

Adebayo Adelabu is set to reenact the politics of insightful ideas and ideals that his grandfather brought to bear on the politics of the western region in the 50s. Bayo Adelabu is as indigenous as he is cosmopolitan like his grandfather. Ibadan is dear to the youthful intellectual, Nigeria is dearer to the man with endearing accomplishments, Africa is dearest to the champion of developmental governance, just like the continental colossus, Adegoke Adelabu Penkelemesi!

Oloye Abiola Iyiola writes

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