The Story Of Asiwaju Adekola Adeoye And Engineer Akeem Olatunji | Asiwaju Adekola


Two brothers on a journey, we are products of God’s grace. We started our journey with our father, leader and mentor, Baami Ladoja. After God Almighty, Baami Senator Ladoja made us politically.

We are sons to Baba Ladoja. He shared everything with us, he loves us so much and we love him too because he made us.

The two of us used social media, radio stations, television and youth groups to mobilize.

In 2017 Daddy Ladoja made us: me and Engr Akeem, the Oyo State PDP Youth Leader and Oyo State Publicity Secretary, respectively.

After 2019 election Governor Makinde called both of us to thank us for our support towards the election and promised to compensate us alongside the party members that laboured in the struggle.

April last year I decided to jump the sinking ship that betrayed the loyalty of youths and party members in the political struggles while rewarding sycophants, bystanders and even some people that contested against us.

Bro Akeem Olatunji did everything to promote the sinking ship. Radio, television, media groups, he gave everything. I told him last year, “Brother, these people don’t love us, they only want to continue using us. They don’t like significant people like us who are already made, only minnows who will be licking their boots”. Egbon Akeem stood with them to the last, but today, my prediction of last year, have come to pass. All the leaders in Oluyole Local Government chose Engineer Akeem Olatunji as their consensus candidate for the Federal House of Representatives ticket, but the power that be changed it.

They have never seen us as friends, despite all the contributions we made to the electoral success and they will never see us as friends, no matter the contributions we make going forward, they will only continue to tell the public lies about us as if they never benefited from our efforts, I realized that since last year. I pity those who are still calling themselves, ‘party members’. The public too should expect the same treatment of unkept promises if they allow themselves to be fooled into surrendering a second term. You are only being serenaded now because your votes are needed.

We are going to separate the men from the boys very soon. Come 2023, we want a governor that believes in team work and will keep his promises to those who worked for the party as well as his promises to the good people of Oyo State.

Oyo State Must Be Great Again

Asiwaju Adekola Adeoye

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