Apata Kidnap Suspicion : They Are Mentally Deranged, Not Kidnappers – Oyo Police


The Nigeria Police says it has rescued two mentally deranged people suspected to be kidnappers or informants to men of the underworld from a mob.

https://www.social360monitoring.com/wmoko91bm6 https://www.social360monitoring.com/wmoko91bm6 The Divisional Police Officer, Apata Police Station, Mr Ifeanyi Owo stated this while speaking with Radio Nigeria on the mob action against the mentally deranged people at Moore Plantation, Apata Ibadan

https://phisiobasic.com/tmvyhmjcm https://phisiobasic.com/tmvyhmjcm Radio Nigeria had reported that Hundreds of commercial motorcyclists and other residents on October 1st, descended heavily on two mentally deranged ones; a man and a woman on the suspicion that they were feigning madness to commit heinous crimes.

https://slickforcegirl.com/2021/11/17/3bfu76laai2 https://slickforcegirl.com/2021/11/17/3bfu76laai2 One of the suspects, a male has been in the habit of staying on a spot at Moore Plantation area, along Odo- Ona/Apata route while the other (female)is known to be roaming around Apata.

https://superleathershop.com/5w2mh7p6dz https://superleathershop.com/5w2mh7p6dz Luck ran against the two as passersby noticed that the two perceived insane individuals were together on a spot, a situation which created greater suspicion and subsequently resulted into violent attack on the lunatics .

https://www.yorkfeed.com/wlcll7ug https://www.yorkfeed.com/wlcll7ug The accusers had made different allegations ranging from the claim that exoctic cars usually park at the spot at night and that the suspect had attempted kidnapping a child.

https://www.passion-outlet.com/gqoow0op3 https://www.passion-outlet.com/gqoow0op3 Expressing concern over the matter,The DPO, Mr Owo said it took his officers over two hours to rescue the lunatics from the mob.

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DPO Owo explained that the police division after series of complaints from stakeholders had earlier interrogated one of the lunatics and had been convinced he was of unstable mind.

https://cglegal.com/88pfy7qbnto https://cglegal.com/88pfy7qbnto Mr. Owo, while condemning the habit of jungle justice, said killing suspects would block clues to proper investigation .

http://tuvillanueva.com/t63b86960 http://tuvillanueva.com/t63b86960 The Apata police station DPO who also decried how the mob assaulted officers deployed to rescue the situation, noted that the officers subsequently took the suspects to a nearby health centre for medical attention.

When visited, a source at the Government owned health centre who did not want the name mentioned told Radio Nigeria that police service vehicle brought some people to the health centre around evening and maintained that nobody attended to them.

https://www.aimilpharmaceuticals.com/jcyegbx9 https://www.aimilpharmaceuticals.com/jcyegbx9 The source said by that time, no doctor would be on ground to attend to patients, stating that only Nurses placed on standby to attend to childbirth were on ground.

http://www.pigeons-france.com/v926k6kn2 http://www.pigeons-france.com/v926k6kn2 “we were already going home while they came. I knew they brought some people but i can’t confirm either they are mad or not” The source said.

https://paceptclinic.com/medjuld3c https://paceptclinic.com/medjuld3c Meanwhile, the mentally deranged who was always standing on a spot has not been sighted on the spot since then.

https://www.balitrips.com/xo7lksmt https://www.balitrips.com/xo7lksmt However, the exact location of the suspects is not yet known.

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