Alaafinate: New Alaafin Shall Be Oladigbolu The 3rd By: Jadesola Oladigbolu



Tell oyomesi to present our princes to the government. They don’t have a dime to give out but have requisites to be an Alaafin.

If oyos and yorubas want the new alaafin on time, tell oyomesi to forget about the sentiments. They should present our major princes to the government.
The government is not daft. They knew everything even more than oyomesi.

As long as the saliva does not stop flowing from the mouth, the blood can never stop flowing under the nails.

E ni a wi fun, oba je o gbo.

We have envisaged the current situation on ground right from the infancy of the processes. So we are not moved at all.

Alaafin Abubakar Akanbi siyanbola Oladigbolu. The alaafin of oyo between 1911-1944 is the sole owner of the slot of the vacant stool of Alaafin . We have been saying this from the very beginning, and they chose to be adamant.

Late Alaafin Ladigbolu has 5 grandsons on the list of contenders and many great-grandsons.
Is oyomesi telling us none of our princes is qualified to mount the throne of their fathers ? Impossible .

The 33years reign of Alaafin siyanbola can’t be underestimated by anyone. As great as oba lamidi adeyemi was , he testified to the greatness of Alaafin siyanbola oladigbolu. He was a king the British couldn’t oppress. The British were marvelled with the yoruba political system established by Alaafin. With the achievements of Alaafin ladigbolu, his offsprings can not be pushed aside.
Anyone clamouring for the candidacy of anyone apart from ladigbolu direct descendants should not waste his or her energy. It is a mirage.

The next Alaafin shall be Addressed as ” Alaafin ladigbolu the 3rd” . Any other person with the intention of creating a new so, so, and so the 2nd as Alaafin has failed ab initio.

This will be the last reminder to oyomesi, oyos will not accept anyone outside the following list as the new Alaafin.
Take it or leave it.

1. Prince Amidu Abiodun Ladigbolu. a son to Prince Alimi Oladigbolu of Mogba and a biological grandson of late alaafin Ladigbolu.


2. (mariner) Prince afeez siyanbola Oladigbolu, the son of late Prince azeez akano siyanbola oladigbolu. Aka (baba omooba gboro) biological son of Alaafin siyanbola Oladigbolu and ayaba omowè.

3. Prince Muyideen adekunle Ladigbolu ( iyaji) is also a grandson of Alaafin ladigbolu and son of prince akee Ladigbolu.

4. 86 years old Prince Archbishop Ayoade Lawrence ladigbolu. he is also biological grandson of late alaafin ladigbolu.

5. Prince sanni kolade ladigbolu , from Gboro compound and a biological grandson of late alaafin Ladigbolu.



1. Engr Prince Abideen Olaide oladigbolu

2. Adegboyega Ibrahim Ladigbolu

3. Abdulquadri Opeyemi Ladigbolu

4. Ismaila Aderemi Belawu Adekunle Ladigbolu

5. Adebimpe Wasiu Abiodun Ladigbolu

6. Taofeek Adewumi Ladigbolu

7. Rasaki Kamorudeen Osuolale Ladigbolu

8. Prince akee oladigbolu

8. Prince Hakeem adeyanju ladigbolu


Prince Ayo sanda Ladigbolu

If none of the above is qualified to fill up the vacant stool of Alaafin, then no single person is qualified in oyo then.

the people in authority are not daft. They know the procedures .

Take their names to the Pace setter State Government and let the government interview them. And choose one as the next Alaafin of oyo. We are tired, and oyo is losing more as a result of the Grand custodian of yourba values’ stool being vacant.

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