The Late Oniru; A Fantastic Monarch- Oyo Prince



The biological grandson of the 40th alaafin of Oyo, Prince Siyanbola Oladigbolu, told journalists in Lagos how the Late oniru of iru-land, Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru, told some palace dignitaries to stop sending him unresouceful errands that he is going to be the alaafin one day.

According to the biological grandson of the late and 2nd longest reigning Alaafin of Oyo ( alaafin oladigbolu), Prince Siyanbola Oladigboluoba, The Oniru is my father-in-law and I lived with him for years.

The late oniru’s older sibling is the mother of the Late wife of Oyo Prince, Prince Tayelolu Oladigbolu. The older sibling of the youngest and front-line contender to the throne of Alaafin of Oyo.

The biological grandson of the 40th alaafin of Oyo lived with the late Oba Oniru for several years in the old Palace of the Iru Kingdom, at bishop oluwole in Victoria Island Logos.

According to the Oyo Prince, the late Oba Oniru was a fantastic father with a massive spirit of giving. A dedicated giver could give out any amount of money that can make the beneficiary forget to pray the following day. At the same time, he does not tolerate bad behaviors.

The King, (oniru) had the nickname “Cash Cargo” due to his generous lifestyle.

I can still vividly remember the day my father ( Prince Azeez Oladigbolu) showed up with my mother for an official introduction between oyo Prince ( Prince Tayelolu Olunloyo Oladigbolu and the Iru Princess ( mutilate )

As my mother walked into the palace with my dad that day, the first thing the Late oniru mentioned was baba, bawo ni e se Jo alaafin oyo bi iresi bayi. Means, oh this man, how come you looked exactly like alaafin of Oyo and my father replied, your majesty, the current alaafin is my younger brother. The late one was very happy and said, “Oh, are you saying Tayelolu is a prince from Oyo, yes, my dad replied.
When I was admitted to the federal School of Marine, which is directly opposite the old Oniru Palace. Kabiyesi told his sister, alhaja well, how come Omooba was paying for the school’s hostel when the school is just adjacent to the palace, he then jokingly said, olowo ladugbo ni Alaafin, ki su won lati na owo. So I started living in the palace.

Ever since that day, the Late Oniru never allowed any palace functionaries to send me any unnecessary errands because he believed, I would be a future king.

There was a particular day in the palace during the late Oniru’s coronation anniversary, the Late Alaafin Adeyemi was the father of the day, all the way from the city of David Church, beside Four Point Hotel and down to the Oniru Palace Road, no vehicles were allowed to pass through the palace road until the late Alaafin adeyemi’s convoy passed through the road. The heaviest security paraphernalia was so busy monitoring the Royal steps of the Late iku baba-yeye. The late one was already waiting to receive his bosom friend ( Alaafin Adeyemi) who graced the event with 15 other kings of some parts of Yoruba land.

3 healthy rams were slaughtered to welcome the son of Oranyan to the palace of the Iru kingdom.

I pray the almighty Allah, continues to comfort the gentle soul of the Late oba Abiodun.

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