POJ Declaration, The Adams Smith’s ” Invisible Hands ” And The 10 Key Take Aways From The Speech By Isiaka-kehinde



He bestrides the political space like a colossus. He has what it takes to contest and he stands on the triota of” Money , experience and the people ” no wonder he said at the declaration held earlier today at the florentino Hall Basorun Ibadan” I am equipped to defeat the incumbent ” This sounds more assertive than mere wishful thinking. The loaded speech has some takeaways one can’t simply gloss over. Here are 10 basic lessons that catches my attention.


1. With courage, no defeats says Caesar. There have been lots of worries, fears and anxiety in some quarters thinking that those people at the event would come out with a broken limp. They did not. Hence, one will not be too far from the truth to say that those who attended dared the consequences of any brush through death. It corroborates the saying that ” The greatest thing is not death , but what dies inside us”( Norman Cousins) ”


2. For political correctness and entrenching what Lucier Pye aptly calls “politicalculture” , party leaders must always be carried along and held in high reverence. ” I am inspired by the courage and achievements of all political leaders who have charted the path of development for our great state”.


3, Quoting the late US president, he says ” politics is too important to be left to the politician. I quite agree. Just as Henry kissinger says ” economy is too important to be left in the hands of economist alone


4. POJ is set to promote inclusion in politics. Hear him “PDP has been established as a grassroots party of the workers , artisans , middle class, and all those who desire the progressive development of Nigeria “.


5. He doesn’t digress from his focus. He is focusing on the basics” The economy of the State, improved health system, infrastructural development , security of lives and properties and qualitative education ”


6. Votes are counted at the polls not Social media. ” let’s conclude by asking everyone to get their voters card”.


7. Believe in values which Oladiipo calls ” personal identity ”


8. He promises to bring back ” the pacesetter State of our dreams and take us forward ” . This is what a statesman describes a basic leadership quality” to get the people from where they are to where they have not been ”


9.Somebody confessed to me that the essence of holding the declaration at a party leaders stronghold, a place within the territory of the leader at Basorun is to guarantee safety of everyone that attended as the entire nooks and crannies of the area has been surrounded with men who are armed to the teeth. A novel idea one must agree.


I0. You can’t step twice in the same river in politics, other waters are constantly flowing ( Heraclitus of Ephesus). Power they say is” the ultimate aphrodisiac “.Like economy, politics too must be opened to willing players. What Adams Smith calls ” the invisible hand ”

On a lighter note any time I am chanced to see POJ in person, I will like him to tell me those ” pretending to be Saintly but are even worse than the devil ”


Meanwhile, let me wish POJ, the Mogaji of eweena compound Oke ofa in Ibadan that may the opportunity that he wishes to rule n better the state comes into fruition.


Isiaka-kehinde writes in from Ibadan.

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