Omo Iya Eleja Parties With Santa Claus, Ib. N’East, S’East Kids



House of representatives hopeful, Ibrahim Ajiboye Olanrewaju ( Omo Iya Eleja ) has organised a two-day merriments for Ibadan Northeast Southeast kids with gifts from Santa Claus.

The event afforded the children the opportunity to engage in fun-sports, such as face painting, bouncing castle, merry-go-round, coconut ride, electric train, mountain climber, giant water slide, swimming pool, giant shark attack, aeroplane rocking ride, dolly coin machine, princess castle, superman castle, children boogie bike, octopus and inflatable football.

According to Ibrahim Ajiboye , he appreciated all the kids that came for the Xmas party, promised not to relent in his efforts in making kids happy.

” We all know that our kids at Christmas love parting with Santa Claus, which also the festive period cannot be completed without gifts from Santa for them, so, with the little I have, I decided to host Santa Claus for the kids of my federal constituency.

Omo Iya Eleja also commended governor Makinde for running a human face government. said, the government can’t provide everything for citizens, urged cooperate bodies, individuals to also not stop in contributing to their immediate environment

Some of the kids while thanking Omo Iya Eleja, they all appreciated the love and care he had showed to them by giving them the opportunity to party with Santa.

Bukola Akinola 12 ” Thank Omo Iya Eleja, ” I enjoyed myself today, I like the gift given to me by Father Xmas

Iseoluwa Adedigba 9 ” they didn’t allow me to see father Xmas in my school because my daddy didn’t have money, but Omo Iya Eleja asked me to come and see father Xmas for free, thank you sir.


Parents of the beneficiaries also commended Ibrahim Ajiboye Omo – Iya Eleja for the kind gesture.

Mrs. Adetunji, a mother who took her two daughters age 7, 10 to the Omo Iya Eleja Xmas party with Santa said, Omo Iya Eleja had saved her and her husband from their children’s frequent cries.

” Just help me to thank Omo Eleja for what he has done for my family, my daughters never stopped crying since beginning of December, asking me and their dad to bring #5,000 each for their school Father Xmas, we can’t afford it because of the economic hardship but, all of a sudden Omo Iya Eleja gave free vouchers to my kids, am grateful, God will continue to smiles on Omo Oja Eleja.

May God continues to bless Omo Iya Eleja as he made our kids happy today with wonderful gifts from Santa Claus, God will make him happy too, we never though such opportunity can come free for our kids, it’s as if Omo Iya Eleja knows what our kids wants, he had puts smiles on hundreds of kids here today, God will answer his prayer too.

Foods, drinks and fried fish ( Eja dindin ) were available for everyone at the party which was held with a social distancing at Akinjide House, Orita Aperin, Ibadan North East, Ibadan.

Omo Iya Eleja Xmas party continues tommorrow at the same venue with adherence to covid 19 directives.

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