Muraina’s Motion For Rehabilitation Of Abeokuta-Igboora-Iseyin-Sokoto Road Yields, Project Captured In 2022 Budget

0 Hon Dr Ajibola Muraina, Member representing Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North Federal Constituency in the 9th House of Representatives is happy to inform his constituents of the capture of the rehabilitation of Abeokuta-Igboora-Iseyin-Sokoto road in the 2022 budget, a much desired, long awaited relief, the culmination of a series of legislative efforts which began with the Tuesday December 1, 2020 motion on the gruesome murder of Alh Fatai Yusuf A.K.A Oko Oloyun and continued with subsequent follow-ups. The motion titled: Need To Investigate the Gruesome Murder of a Popular Trado-Medical Practitioner, Alh Fatai Yusuf (a.k.a Oko Oloyun) consisted of five resolutions notable amongst which are numbers (iii) and (iv) as sampled below;

(iii) also urge the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) to carry out rehabilitation work on the Abeokuta-Igboora-Iseyin-Sokoto road;

(iv) mandate the Committees on Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) and Police Affairs to ensure compliance.
Odidi – Omo Further legislative efforts in the form of a June 28, 2021 letter to FERMA pursuant to the votes and proceedings of the motion, was eventually responded to by FERMA resulting in the capture of the rehabilitation of the road in the 2022 budget of FERMA.                 

The Clerk, FERMA House of Representatives Committee (9th National Assembly) M Kyari, acknowledged this position in a message to Hon Dr Ajibola Muraina thus: “This is to inform you that sequel to your motion on the need to rehabilitate Abeokuta-Igboora-Iseyin-Sokoto road debated on December 1st 2020 and referred to the committee on FERMA to ensure compliance, the committee has forwarded the request to FERMA and the rehabilitation of the road has been captured in the 2022 budget of the agency. You may wish to check the budget for confirmation”. Although the budget is still passing through the scrutiny of the National  Assembly, it is important to bring our people in Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North Federal Constituency, Oyo State up to speed on this very important matter relating to the repair of this road where several lives have unfortunately been lost.

Hon Muraina rejoices that with the capture of the road rehabilitation in the 2022 budget , the desire of our people in Igangan, Tapa, Ayete, Idere and Igbo-Ora for a motorable road to enhance socio-economic activities and integration with other parts of Oyo State and Nigeria will be met and the smooth ride that will result therefrom may result in the reduction of crimes on the road if it is not totally eliminated.

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