Makinde’s “Free Education”: Eni n Wa’fa n w’Ofo | Abiodun Asimiyu Ladepo



Under “populist” Gov Makinde’s “free” education policy, schools are getting half-grants and no-grants for successive months.

Consequently, schools can’t afford paper exam questions. They have gone back to the blackboard…like it was when the governor was in school.

In Oyo state…even in Ibadan…we have public schools that don’t have enough desks and chairs for students. Teachers whisper to you over the phone that they are having to buy their own chairs.

There are schools in Ibadan…forget “far-flung” places like Oke-Ogun…where there are no toilets good enough for human beings in 1820, let alone 2020. Imagine female students and teachers defecating about in nearby bushes! Not good for male students and male teachers either. But for females?

There are schools with half the roofs gone; with windows gone…and without free, potable water for the students and teachers.

And this is “free education”?

Yet, I don’t see the NUT in an uproar. It’s as if the teachers’ union is in the government’s pocket…as if the Ilufemiloye charm of 2019 is still potent and has turned them into the governor’s doormats.

I don’t see the NUJ in Oyo state…the members of the so-called Fourth Estate of the Realm…highlighting this fraud for the benefit of the poor Oyo state parents of public school students.

And I don’t see the parents complaining.

“Free education” my ass!

For a state that’s unable to grow enough revenue to pay pension; that’s paid back zero amount on the debt incurred by the previous administrations; that’s gone ahead to borrow even more without a realistic repayment plan…you want “free education”?

Eni n wa’fa n w’ofo.

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