It Is Stupidity, Sycophancy To Refer To Babalola ‘Jogor’ As Emergency Billionaire – Biliamnu


A member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Afijio Local Government Area of Oyo State, Kazeem Biliamnu, has described a group called Oyo State Patriots as sycophants whose level of idiocy has reached a chronic level which devoids cure.

Biliaminu in a statement made available to journalists on Sunday said:”It is very stupid of some people to say that Mr Femi Babalola (Jogor), became emergency billionaire under the adminsitration of former governor Adebayo Alao Akala.

“Babalola, had been a successful businessman before Akala became governor. His function halls at Liberty-Road had been in existence before the emergence of Akala as governor. Also, his office at Mobil-Seven Up road, off Ring-Road had been operative even before Akala became governor.

“So, for some group of nonentities who receive monthly pay of N10,000, a meager amount of money that is not sufficient to pay a night guard, to make bold to say that Babalola is an emergency billionaire is something that calls for their mental evaluation.

It is a shame that, the caricature good for thing writers are a certified sycophants in Makinde’s government. All of them turns to deaf, dumb and blind when the opposition attacks PDP in the state but will turn to bulldogs when a party leader speaks out truth that require adjustment in the party, they had forgotten that it is not only their paymaster that own PDP in state.

“It is also crucial to let them know that Seyi Makinde who they are defending came to meet the like of me and Babalola in the PDP. He has been an off and on member since he joined the party in 2003. As a matter of fact, Femi Babalola who these disgruntled elements are attacking now stepped down for Makinde prepatory to the 2019 election, because if Babalola had not stepped down, Makinde could not have won the primary against him and former deputy governor of the state, Alhaji Azeem Gbolarunmi, who also decided to step down for him.”

He, therefore concluded by advising that:”Instead of allowing themselves to be used as tools to devalue valuable people in the society, they should engage themselves in profitable ventures which would guarantee a better future for them and that of their incoming generations.”

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