Do Not Be Deceived About Being In Opposition To The Federal Government – Kehinde Ayoola JP


The APC’s dying man’s strategy towards the Oyo State governorship election is that we should not vote for Seyi Makinde and PDP so that we won’t be in opposition to the Federal Government.

Please don’t mind them. Do not listen to them.

The landmark achievements of Yoruba were recorded mostly when we were in opposition. This is because we have always been blessed with selfless and resourceful leadership.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo was of the Action Group, AG, in the 50s when Free Education, Free Healthcare, Liberty Stadium, Cocoa House, Ikeja Industrial Estate, WNTV Ibadan et cete ra were recorded.
The Jamiyar Mutanen Arewa (Northern People’s Congress, NPC), in accord with the National Council of Nigerian Citizens, NCNC, was in power at the Federal Level then.
That was the First Republic.

In the Second Republic, the Unity Party of Nigeria, UPN led by the indomitable Obafemi Awolowo ruled the roost in the Western Regional States of Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Bendel and Ondo otherwise called LOOBO states in 1979 to 1983.
That was when we had Educational expansion such that Lagos, Ondo and Ogun States established the very first set of state-owned universities.

In Oyo, I remember the Polytechnic Ibadan had many campuses added to it in addition to creation of colleges of technology in Ẹ́sà Òkè, Ìrèé etc.

And take note of this, free education was instituted and one of the products of that policy is Seyi Makinde of PDP who just wants to reenact that Era again in our state.
I was a beneficiary too.
The National Party of Nigeria, NPN, was in power at the Federal level then, not UPN.

And even in the Alliance for Democracy, AD days of early 4th Republic the six Yoruba states were controlled by the AD.
I was part of the government in Oyo State then.
That was the time we built libraries and science laboratories in primary schools in addition to abolishing payment of fees.

The AD was not in power at the Federal level.

The cunning APC carpet baggers who today mouth “don’t be in opposition to Federal level” were the most virulent critics when PDP was talking about mainstream politics some years ago.
But it suits them fine now, in line with their hypocrisy.

People know better, thankfully.

We all know that outgoing Governor Isiaq Abiola Ajimobi of the ACN/APC did better in his first term as Governor than his second term.
His first term was under Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP – àbí ẹ ti gbàgbé ni?

I therefore urge our people to go to the polls on Saturday, 9th March, 2019 and vote for Seyi Makinde as Governor of Oyo State.
He is the only one who will ensure Oyo State matters are settled in Ibadan, our capital and not at Bourdillon Road, Lagos or even in Abuja.

Let’s tackle the current level of grinding poverty in our state by voting Seyi Makinde.

It is possible.
Apá yín ká a.
Ẹ dibo fún Seyi.

Omi Tuntun, Ìgbà Ọ̀tun!

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