Development Of College Of Education Lanlate: A Clarion Call For Our Leaders | Comr. Ogunshola Sunday


I write to acknowledge and appreciate the kind gestures which are shown by our leader-servant, politicians, philanthropists, cum stakeholders towards the development and progress of our dear community from time to time and most especially at the right time.

In a similar vein, I want you reiterate the fact which was specified by Nelson Mandela that ” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the whole world” and express my displeasure on the state of things in our dear Institution(THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, LANLATE) I want to equally call your attention to the tragic situation the school may likely experience in the future as the school cannot provide the world standard of enabling environment and condition for students’ excellent performance in education that can equally make them to be at par with their contemporaries in the market.

I wish to direct this write up majorly to our leader-servant, politicians, philanthropists, and cum stakeholders because your efforts and struggle to bring about the existence of the Institution must not been in vain and so go the down rail.

I would want you to use your amiable and highly reputable influences to device means and strategies to ensure that the institution becomes the best with no rival in the state and if possible in Nigeria. By making it one to be reckoned with by all and sundry, the challenges faced by the students will not only be solved but it will add feather to the crown of our town.

Specifically, the college is facing a lots of challenges and if not for the fact that the management of the institution are diplomatic administrators, the situation wouldn’t have been so calm as it is. My clarion call to all our well leader-servant, politicians, philanthropists and cum stakeholders is to ameliorate the situation of things and facilitate the existence of the college are as following:

🔸 Erection of more structures in the Higher Institution. It is pertinent to note that if the school has modern structures, lecture rooms will make students feel comfortable and the screen will be devoid of external distincts

🔸 Building of well equipped ICT center. As an Alumnus of the institution, I had the opportunity to pass through the theoretical class of ICT and never had opportunity and exposure to the practical aspect. Contrary to the fact that ” what I see I never forget.” I don’t think the theoretical aspect of the ICT is only what the students will need to make them meet up with the world standard. On this note, I am suggesting that the school should have an ICT center. Having the ICT center will change the orientation of many people towards having mind married to the school as an institution where they can be well groomed in all ramitification. I want our leader-servant, politicians, school management, philanthropists and cum stakeholders to equally work on Jamb center to our citadel of learning.

🔸Need for a Standard Football pitch: It is a well known fact today that, higher institution is an avenue to extend one’s knowledge and realize one’s potentials outside the four walls of classroom, sports inclusive. It is on this note that I realized that having a standard football pitch will go a long way in influencing the realization of individuals potential as students in the college..

🔸Sourcing other means of Income to finance the school: Internally Generated Revenue like production of Sachet and Table water, Bakery, A big mall and so on are means by which many institutions are now using to finance or run school. Contrary is what is operating here in our dear institution. I wish to admonish all the leader-servant, politicians, philanthropists, cum stakeholders to please take step by encouraging the well meaning indigenes and non-indegenes to come and erect such in our college as well to facilitate and boom the economy of our dear community.

In conclusion, “a what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well,” the legends we are reading about did not make their footprints on the rock but rather on the petal of gold which makes them indelible for the incoming generations to continue to remember them for good. I pray God Almighty to help you.

Longlife COEL!
Longlife Lanlate!!
Longlife Ibarapa east!!!
Longlife Oyo state!!!
Longlife Nigeria!!!

Comrade Ogunshola Sunday writes from ancient town of Lanlate, Oyo state.

( unedited story )

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