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A leader takes people where they want to go,a great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go but ought to be. Roselyn  Carter.


He was a youth leader with a difference. He is enamoured to me by his ennobling attitude. He fits snuggly to the description of man of character by Michael Porter . He is humility personified; an attribute very sparse in this clime

leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character as Norman Schwarzkopf once argued , if am to choose one, I will go for character.  Adekola used to make me change my busy schedule to  attend  youth related programs as he would ensure my physical presence if only, to grace the event. He was always pleased anytime he caught my glimpse in his programs.

Two events readily came  to my mind. On 15 th of February 2008,my intention was to spend few minutes and dropped the prepared good will message of Oloye Olajumoke at the Youth summit where I was asked to represent her,  as she got a last minute call to be in another equally important program in Abuja.    He  convinced me to stay and  delivered the speech on her behalf and I ended up waiting till the program closed..

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Another one, was that fateful day  when he  asked me to address the youths  at Molete  party  office as majority of  them were  cavilling    the choice of a certain commissioner to lead them. My plan was to spend few minutes but  he ensured  I spent hours as he drafted me to join the rapporteur to draft the communique.  Cases like that abound.

You often asked me how you could successfully handled the office. And I always  obliged as I considered it as my own” drops of water in the ocean”. I later found out that you equally sought for the assistance of others to scale through. Truly no one can tango alone.

Its gratifying to note  that your messages  always wake me up every morning and your daily  prayers are valued more than anything else . You still continue doing this,. I appreciate.

Your Competence, experience, and humility to fulfill the requirements of the office , Marvell me . Reward for hardwork should be more work but we are in a non viable society that drives it’s members to a desperate solutions.

I can see hero lies in you, dear brother, just get yourself prepared for a greater future. Winning again like never before. You are truly the youth leader emeritus!.

Comrade Isiaka kehinde

Fatima Hassan

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