8 In Oyo Police Net For Swindling Over 300 Persons In Igboho Town


Eight persons including three women have been arrested by the Oyo State Command of the Nigeria Police for swindling over three hundred persons in Igboho town of close to three million naira

The suspects, according to the commissioner of police, Nwachuckwu Ewonwu operate under a name Noble City Global Concept, registered the unsuspected customers with one thousand five hundred naira and urged them to make a weekly contribution of seven thousand naira to enable them to benefit three hundred thousand naira.

The leader of the gang, Kola Oyejobe, the secretary, Mrs Romoke Oladipupo and an agent, Miss Damilola Adejumo explained that they chose the town because of the low level of education of the residents in Igboho.