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72-Year-Old Man Caught Raping Two Primary School Children In Osogbo Osun

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A 72 years old man in Osogbo, Osun State was caught having sex with two primary school children in his room.

According to an eye witness, these two children and others have been visiting this old man constantly for months and people in the neighbourhood think maybe they are his relatives or grand children.

Their visit became suspicious because during school hours when these children are supposed to be in school, they sneak out just to visit this man who always keep them inside locked doors all the time.

Luck ran out of the old man when a neighbour started hearing mourning from inside the room. The neighbour walked to the window of the room to check what was going on. To the neighbour’s surprise, this old man was performing a party with these young girls.

The neighbour whose name is withheld raised an alarm that called the attention of the people around and in no time, the door was opened by force.

After a little interrogation, the old man confessed that he has more than 10 children who always come to visit him and he always have sex with them.

The police took over the case and drove the man to their station.

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