Prompt Payment of Bursary To Students, A Tool To Measure Govt Performance In Education


Comrade Adedokun Sunday Harshasha, a student activist from Eruwa, Ibarapa East Local government of Oyo State has wrote an open letter to governor Seyi Makinde, advised him on the importance and advantage of paying indigenous student’s bursary as at when due.

Comrade Adedokun in his letter congratulated Makinde on his presentation of 2020 state budget, said the governor has prepared and presented a Budget of the reality for the masses.

As the comrade reprimanded ex governor Abiola Ajimobi for his negligence and unconcerned altitude towards students bursary and scholarship, he implored the people’s governor, Makinde to take it as a priority. Also told governor Makinde the needs to make the appointment of special adviser on students matter so as to create a smooth relations between govern and the indigenous students.

The letter reads:

Open Letter To The Governor Of Oyo State On The Payment Of Bursary And Scholarship

Your excellency sir, I feel delighted and honoured to write this letter to you on behalf of the indigenous students across the globe. I am writing this letter to you as a concern citizen and advocate for good governance and critic of the opposite.

I will like to commend your effort in reinstating the pacesetter goal of Oyo state. With much anxiety over the realities noticed in the 2020 budget that was presented to the house of assembly recently. It is obvious that your excellency really values education and ready to improve the standard of infrastructure in the state. It is indeed a symbol that Oyo state is govern by the real shepherd with good heart of progress.

On this note , I want to encourage the Governor that payment of bursary is necessary this year. Over the years, students of Oyo state in tertiary institutions home, outside the state and diaspora have not been benefiting from the purse of the government. The past administration led by Senator Abiola Ajimobi never take the issue of bursary serious. I therefore write on behalf of the indigenous students of Oyo state, whose impact can’t be ridiculed in the last election. That as part of their dividend, that your excellency should kindly award bursary to students of the state before the end of this year so as to erect another stride in the pacesetter state.

Also, I will admonish your excellency to appoint a special adviser on students matter so as to see directly to issues related to students. This will serve as a unit that oversee students affairs and other related issues connected to students activities in the state. And as a matter of fact, the office can be structured under the office of the commissioner for youths and sports and the special adviser for youths respectively.

We believe that with your esteemed office approve the bursary payment before the end of this year through the Ministry of Higher Education just like you have did to the law students in the state some months ago.

Aluta Continua

God bless Oyo State

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria

Comrade Adedokun Sunday Harshasha

Eruwa, Oyo State.

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