Oyo PDP Primaries : Ningi Monitoring Committee Lack Credibility, Integrity – PDP Group



A group within Oyo state People’s Democratic Party ( PDP ) has faulted the senator Abdul Ahmed Ningi led committee saddled with the responsibility of conducting primary elections of chairmanship and councillorship in Oyo state PDP.


The group, “Oyo PDP like-minds” in a press statement available to journalists on Sunday afternoon claimed that the electoral and monitoring committee led by Senator Ningi from Bauchi state has shown that, the committee is acting a script written for them by governor Seyi Makinde and his Cabals.


While expressing their disappointed in the committee, the group stated that, senator Ningi and his committee members had not executed a single task placed on them by the National Working Committee, rather living large at Carlton Gate Hotel in Ibadan.


Statement reads:

It is very disappointing that, the approved Oyo state Local government council elections electoral monitoring committee, led by senator Abdul Ahmed Ningi are nothing but paid agents, who are in Oyo state to further escalate the internal crisis of our party.

” It was pathetic that, the Ningi led committee that was expected to conduct a free, fair and credible primary elections within our party here is Oyo state has done nothing since they landed in Ibadan, none of the Committee members has seen elsewhere in the state except at Carlton Gate Hotel, in Ibadan where they lodge.

” The crisis emanated from party primaries is at it peak but, the committee sent by National Working Committee are only busy rectifying selected names of chairmen and councilors given to them by governor Seyi Makinde and his cabals.

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” As at today, Sunday, 7th, we had got a clear evidence that, the Ningi led committee has colluded with the said cabals and already approved the names of some selected aspirants as candidates for upcoming local government election without considering the outcry of party members for primaries.

” Thou, it is not surprising, as Senator Ningi and his committee members are busy drinking, eating and catching funs at Carlton Gate hotel, in Ibadan because governor Seyi Makinde has once said, he knows that PDP Chieftains and leaders even NWC have price tags. It is just unfortunate that questionable party chieftain like senator Ningi and others are the one sent to Oyo state to further deepen the crises in Oyo PDP through their incredible process of producing chairmanship and councilorship.

” Immediately Ningi was approved as the chairman of Oyo state local government elections electoral monitoring committee, our group has concluded that, the party primaries in our state will never be free, fair and credible. The said Senator Ningi who has no good profile in his state, Bauchi and values within his state PDP was chosen to led a political committee in Oyo state.

” We are not surprised because governor Makinde paid for submissive agents like Ningi and others at national because he already known that people like them will easily acted his written script for Oyo PDP local government primaries.


Knowing that 147 chairmanship and 808 councilorship aspirants purchased nomination forms, the Ningi led committee had never considered the pains and conditions of the aspirants because they already collected their own share of the money, all they are trying to do is to execute the job they had been paid for by governor Seyi Makinde and his cabals. It a shame seeing an Hausa Muslim without fear of God for the first time.


” Aside, senator Ningi who has shown his lack of experience, and bias attitude, a member of the committee Mrs. Mobolaji Lamuye attitude since she came to Oyo state had shown that she was not here for the Party progress but to continue is long time romance with with governor Makinde’s ally, Hosea Agboola, because she was alone staying at A3 Hotel, owned by senator Hosea Agboola.

” It is very glaring, all is not well in Oyo PDP, the party primaries crisis has revealed that there are some wicked, self-centered and inconsequential leaders in our party. Governor Seyi Makinde, his cabals and Ningi led committee instead of finding a lasting solutions to the lingering issues by doing the party members wishes, they are busy finalising the compilation of their anointed candidates for OYSIEC.

” Thou, we heard that, they has chosen their people as consensus candidates in all the 33 local government areas of Oyo state but, we are sure that, the unrelenting PDP party members will resist their imposed candidates.



Fatima Hassan

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