Oyo NANS Writes EFCC To Investigate Student’s Extortion And Mismanagement By U.I Magt.


The current face-off between the National Association of Nigerian Student, Oyo State chapter and Management of the University of Ibadan has resulted to another dimension on Tuesday as the student’s body threw caution to the wind by writing a petition to the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), accusing the University of Ibadan Management of financial misappropriation, and extortion of innocent students.

In the copy of the letter, signed by Oyo NANS Chairman Asubiojo Olujuwon M, which was acknowledged with signature by Adelani unbehalf of Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibadan, the apex student’s body implored the anti crime agency to in a matter of urgency investigate and prosecute all hands who are behinds the perceived financial mismanagement and corruption.

Highlighing areas where the university management is using to perpetrates the unholy acts, Oyo NANS stated, continuous collection fee for the long suspended Students Union, inability to account for unissued students ID cards fee and many more.

Body of the petition letter to EFCC reads:

Copy of the letter written to EFCC by Oyo NANS

The Director,
Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC),

Dear Sir,


With respect, we write to bring to your attention, for your relevant investigation and subsequent prosecution, instances of perceived financial mismanagement and corruption being perpetrated by the management of the University of Ibadan.

Sir, the said instances, notable among which is the continued collection of a compulsory students’ union levy of N200 for two consecutive sessions after the students’ union was summarily suspended by this same administration. One can only wonder where such sums now accumulating into millions of Naira has ended up, as the fee is being charged both from postgraduate and undergraduates students alike.

In addition, also of paramount interest is the I.D card issue in the school, which was only resolved recently. An incident that saw students not issued ID cards for two full sessions and when the issuance was eventually done, an entire session was fraudulently by passed as students only received ID cards for the last session, and not the one before. Also, several students graduated within this period without receiving these I.D cards, and as the time of this petition, we have no knowledge of any refund system to address this. 

Equally worthy of your due reference and attention is the very suspicious technology fee, which was levied on students for the 2019/2020 session for the first time. The said fee is being charged at the sum of N6,500 naira per student and yet key members of the university management have declined that such is meant for the provision of internet facilities. It is instead claimed that such fee is only meant for “Portal access”. Please note that the same “Portal access” was previously charged at just N2,500. We wonder what new technology is being developed to warrant an increment of over 200%.

Furthermore, despite the fact that students are still being charged every session for the issuance of the students information handbook, as attached school receipt indicates, no issuance of such, either by hand, post or any known means has been done in the last five sessions. This is surely a  blatant case of extortion and should be duly addressed.

In our capacity as the voice of Nigerian students in Oyo state, we are  appalled and aggrieved that such referenced atrocities of corruption are being nonchalantly displayed in the premier university, and we trust that you will not just look into this petition, but investigate properly and act appropriately in the interest of justice and fairness.

We are grateful.

Asubiojo Olujuwon M.
Media Outlets

It will be recalled on July 4th 2019 that Oyo NANS issued a 48 hours ultimatum to University of Ibadan Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abel Idowu Olayinka and University of Ibadan management l, advised to meet up with the student’s body demands.

The demands includes : to reverse the ban on the commercial use of bikes, reinstatement of the Students’ Union, reinstatement of Ojo Aderemi, others and reversal of various unjustifiable payments levied on University of Ibadan students.

The inability of the University management to meet up the NANS demands seems resulted by the NANS to made it a straw that shows the way a wind blows.

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