Oyo Health Recruitment Process Is Old Fashioned, Very Stressful – Applicants

Larger number of applicants in the ongoing Oyo state recruitment for State Health Management Board has being lamenting on the cumbersome recruitment process embarked on by the state government under governor Seyi Makinde.

The registration process which is of three stages required physical presence of applicants.

Unlike modern day job application processes, Oyo state government through the state Health Management Board adopted manual application processing.

Interviewing some of the applicants, it was made known that, it is very difficult for applicants to conclude the registration process in a day, as the registration process required physical presence and it of stages in different point of processing.

Miss Modupeolu Ajayi from Kishi, Irepo local government said, she had spent 3 days in Ibadan just for effort to complete application for the state Hospital Management Board vacancy. ” If had known it will be this nonsense, I wouldn’t have left Kishi for Ibadan to waste my time, ” I came to Ibadan since Monday, hopefully for the payment of the form and completion of the registration before evening, but It was disappointed. This is the third morning I will be spending in Ibadan just because the state government can’t put up a streess free registration process for applicants”. She stated.

” Nawa for this government, how will a state like this advertised for a vacancy and adopt manual process for applicant’s registrations ? governor should have asked them to put it online, if the registration is online, we wouldn’t have being passing through all this stress, it took us time before we paid in bank, I came back today to confirmed my payment here ( accountant general office ) three hours gone, no network to confirmed my bank payment, as you can see, it is not sure we will be through today because it 2 pm already “. Ayo Adeoba an applicant.

Daud Adeope also said ” this thing looks like a scam from beginning Jaree ” applicants will up to 40,000 at the end of this registrations, with the way the government is handling this form of a thing, it is sure 95% of the completed form will not be processed. We are just coming to this place everyday, roaming inside the sun for hours for just 1 hours task to be done if it is on internet.
We are in global world, all application processes are place online, not manual as our state government is adopted.

An applicants is required to obtained a #1000 application bank draft at First Bank, Wema Bank, Union around state Secretariat, or Polaris Bank, Bodija Ibadan. Westerndailynews gathered that, none of the banks processed applicants payments instantly, paid applicant will be asked to check back long hours after payment or visit the following day to pick up the payment receipt. The banks resolves to this option because it very difficulty in communicating with Oyo state portal.

Any lucky applicant who successfully scaped through bank payment delayed after hours proceeds to room 23 Accountant General office inside Oyo state secretariat with 2 photocopies of evidence of payment from bank to confirm his or her payment made in bank.

It always took the payment confirmation in room 23 hours before an applicant payment is confirmed and approved, thereafter will be handed a signed copy of the evident of payment.

The copy returned signed for the applicant will be photocopied again for further processing at State Hospital Board for application form.

To collect a registration form at state management board l, it also required endurance on an ending queue inside sun.


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