How Harry Akande Fought, Won Case Against Shoprite | Oladapo Sofowora




When the news of the demise of billionaire business mogul, Chief Harry Akande, broke, it spread like wildfire across the country and beyond. It left many shocked to their marrows. But, for the family of the deceased, it won’t be an easy task getting over the loss of their patriarch any time soon. While he was alive, he lived like a king.

The Agbaoye of Ibadan set out to chase his dreams quite early in life. He founded Akande International Corporation (AIC), with a business interest in healthcare, engineering, building construction, and power, among others. He also served as a business advisor and consultant to many businessmen, including governments of many nations.

When South African retail store, Shoprite, was looking to invest in Nigeria and West Africa, Harry Akande and his AIC company were consulted. His company was later sidelined by Shoprite , which engaged another company to work with. Akande who felt cheated promised to battle the South African to a standstill with all his resources. He dragged Shoprite alongside Retail Supermarkets Nigeria Limited before the Federal High court. In 2018, AIC won the prolonged legal tussle before Shoprite later went to appeal the judgment in a bid to seek redress at the higher court. In May 2020, the Ibadan born high chief won against Shoprite at the appeal court to secure a whopping sum of $10 million as damages. The billionaire, through his company, got an ex-parte application of Mareva Injunction restraining the South African retail giant, its privies, officers, nominees, successors-in-title, subsidiaries, or anyone acting through it or by it from transferring, assigning, charging, disposing of its trademark, franchise, and intellectual property in a manner that will alter, dissipate or remove this non-cash.

Also in 2013, Akande battled the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) over a large expanse of land ceded to his company to build a franchise five-star hotel. The matter is still pending in court to date.

Sources further averred that while he was alive, one of his greatest dreams was to serve Nigeria in the capacity of President. He would have loved to replicate his midas touch of gold in business into governance. He was optimistic of becoming Nigeria’s president in 2023.

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