(Alaafinate) Who Is Guiding Gov Makinde On New Alaafin | Ayoade Ibrahim


Oyo state government has obviously taken over the process of selecting the new alaafin of oyo. Due to the fraudulent activities surrounding the first arrangements made by the members of oyomesi. (Kingmakers)

the executive governor of oyo State , Eng Seyi Makinde, is not an indigenous to oyo Alaafin. The question is, who is guiding him on what to do? It is a very important question

It has come to our notice that Professor wande abimbola( a babalawo) has been summoned for the 2nd time to come and consult oracle to choose among the conteders (the new Alaafin)

If Professor wande abimbola has to do that, who is there to guide Him as well?

Is wande abimbola trying to consult oracle on the real princes who are eligible or on those whose father had never become an alaafin before?

Another important question is ,who is there to point out the maternal princes on the list to him , because there’s no indication of that being taken into consideration.

Professor wande abimbola is an oyo man based in the United States of America, He can not consult oracle on 68 candidates, no. We will not accept that.

The original contestants are ladigbolus, and They are not up to ten in numbers.

Whatever oracle Professor wande abimbola is consulting with shall come out announcing one of the grandsons of the late alaafin siyanbola oladigbolu as the new alaafin of oyo.

Let there be no alaafin forever rather than consulting any oracle that will not produce the next alaafin from the list below

1. archbishop Lawrence ayo ladigbolu
2. Prince afeez siyanbola oladigbolu
3. Prince amidu oladigbolu
4. Prince saani kolade oladigbolu
5. Prince muyideen adekunle ladigbolu
6. Prince aabideen oladigbolu

aigbofa ni a un wo oke, Ifa kan kan o si ni para.

a good oracle master doesn’t look at the ceiling during the consultation before interpretation.

It is questionable for any babalawo to jump the blueblood princes and start consulting any oracle within the fourth and fifth generations.

Chief Wande abimbola can not work on 68 names without extraction of maternal princes, 4th and 5th generation, and those who adopted the name “oladigbolu ” when the stool of alaafin became vacant . No, we will not accept that.

Let the imported babalawo know this and know peace.
It will dolls out the way no one expects .

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