2023: Agba Egbe Supports Makinde, Council PDP Candidates With Campaign Billboards




The clock is ticking, a constant reminder that it is time both for the people and the political parties to get into the act.

Bowa Media surveys indicate that political parties across Oyo state are already rolling out their tanks.

The battle is very close. The gubernatorial candidates and their supporters are expected to be on the road canvassing for votes.

Associates of various candidates who spoke with this publication revealed that their political platforms are putting together intriguing packages that will excite citizens and possibly encourage them to turn out and exercise their right to choose.

One party, the ruling PDP, has launched, provoking visuals for the eyes to see, according to reports that are reaching our news desk.

At strategic corners in Ibadan North Local Government, billboards heralding the candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Ibadan North Local Government as same as the federal constituency are emerging.

It is perhaps a pointer to how prepared the council chairman of Ibadan north local government in the person of Hon. Yusuff Sahib Oladayo (Agb Egbe) as seen to have been so prepared for publicity with the flooding of billboards of all the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidates from the municipal area.

It may equally prove from a professional angle, how creative and ingenious publicists advantage the candidates of the PDP.

Sight but catchy messages with pictures that tell a story are catching attention everywhere.

Bowa Media reports that curious commuters, definitely part of the voting public, are stopping over at major intersections to take a look at the billboards.

“It’s Team Omituntun 2. 0”, one billboard at Bus Stop, Gate, and Mokola axis says.

“Vote For All PDP Candidates ”, another billboard screams while the other carries the message, “Vote For Another Four Years of Unprecedented Representation” the PDP has fired the first shot all over making the opposition party feel less. It would be interesting to watch how other political parties in the State respond.

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