Sincere Chieftancy Architecture Can Bring Back Our Lost Glories-Newly Installed Otun Baale Ọlọ́dẹ

0 Traditional Rulers and stakeholders in Yorùbá Land have been urged to genuinely preserve rich cultures and heritage of Yoruba race. Alhaji Akeem Olohuntoyin Busari, the newly installed ọtun Baale Ọlọ́dẹ Oluyole Local Government Area of Ibadan gave the admonition today after his installation as Otun Baale Ọlọ́dẹ Chief Olohuntoyin said for Yoruba race to preserve her prestige, culture and heritage foundational architecture of Rulership which allows for truthfulness, sincerity of purpose, justice and equity must be duly followed. “Nigeria is on the verge of collapse and we must all rise up to the occasion to save it, modernization or politicizing it will do us no good, in fact it is very obvious that such style as adopted in Nigeria under the pretence of new normal has relegated our value as a race and at the same time diminishes viability and prominence of Yorùbás hence the need to find our route back to original architecture of Yoruba” Chief Olohuntoyin added
Odidi – Omo While commenting on his installation as the Otun Baale He said It takes grace to be recognized where one was born and at the same time it takes grace to make meaningful impacts in the society at large

Otun Baale, Chief Akeem Olohuntoyin also call on the youths to always prepare themselves for a greater challenge and be also ready to reposition cultural stools far better than the present narratives. He however assured that from this moment onward, new things will begin to be happening in Ọlọ́ọ́dẹ ranging from infrastructure development, Direct investment and growth from all fronts Also Speaking at the event, The Agba Akin Baale Ọlọ́dẹ Community Chief Isiaka Babalola. describe the chieftancy tittle as prominent stool which plays vital in issue of development and community growth. Agba Akin Baale Ọlọ́dẹ also described Chief Olohuntoyin as an examplary leader, philanthropist and a square peg in a round hole capable of changing the game for good

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