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About 32 months ago, Hon. Sheriff Aderemi Adeojo was sworn in as executive chairman of the Ido local government area of Oyo state by the state governor, Seyi Makinde amidst hope and expectations from the people of the local government.

The people heave a sigh of relief that at last an elected chairman had been inaugurated to truly steer the affairs of the council to progress and development.

The mood all over the Ido local government, at the time Adeojo took over the council’s administration in 2021 was incontestably euphoric.

Looking back, it is more euphoric as the Adeojo’s midas touch can be felt in every part of the local government.

Adeojo’s determination to succeed as a young politician and his quest to make governor Seyi Makinde, the People’s Democratic Party proud after giving him a platform had made him a household name, especially in the political space.

Expectedly, the road was rough when he assumed office; there was political back-stabbing, suspension, and rivalry which were the major tools used and still used by some allies and opposition.

Sheriff Adeojo, two sides of the same
coin, a one-man battalion, been born and raised in Alhaji Yekini Adeojo’s political dynasty, had prepared him ahead.

He is inarguably widely experienced and can be described as an articulate political player.

Despite critics’ continued efforts to spread his failure, Adeojo performed up to expectation, even, at a time when he was the center of ridicule by his allies and some elected officials in Ido local government, Sheriff was still able to stand out.

At one point, the questions on the lips of many residents of Oyo state were, “Why do local government always? Why Sheriff Adeojo all the time? just because of the one-day-one-drama and different allegations against him daily.

The news of Adeojo’s suspension and impeachment as headlines on major online news platforms recently can not be easily forgotten.

Out of several suspensions, impeachment, and votes of no confidence on Adeojo by anti-Adeojo and acted by naive elected counselors and appointees later came out to be baseless and lacked merit.

Like Governor Seyi Makinde who always gets distracted in his good governance, Adeojo follows the governor’s footsteps and ideology, and he keeps fulfilling all promises made. In the last 12 months, Sheriff Adeojo has been in the media space, not for bad but for his good governance and delivery of democratic principles to the people at the grassroots.

Only in the last 12 months, he has provided needed infrastructure, and amenities, especially roads, security, food production, water e.t.c for his people to enjoy a better life.

He said Nigerians were ingenious and all they needed was a conducive environment to display their creativity and generate employment and ventures that would make them survive.


With the support from the state government,
Sherrif Aderemi Adeojo was able to construct and commission 10 kilometers, from Omi-Adio to Ido Junction Road in Ido Local Government.

The road after construction linked urban and various rural roads within Ido local government area, thereby making businesses very effective and hitch-free in the area.

The chairman in his effort to provide access roads for his people, rehabilitated Elebu Idi Ahun road, graded Apete adjoining road, and many more.

On Agriculture:

Ido local government under Sheriff Adeojo is one of the few local governments that have food production as a priority. Currently, Adeojo’s administration after acquiring many hectares of land for Agriculture, has assured his people of adequate food production.

The new Cassava plantation set up by Adeojo added to his eagerness to get farm produce for his people.

More so, Adeojo’s support to his people during the fuel subsidy removal and the effect on the economy during the change in government at the federal level can’t be overlooked, aside from the provision of palliative made by the state government to cushion the effect, the council chair in his wisdom reached out to the needy in his local government.


He has donated, at different times, operational motorcycles to the security outfits in the council area. He never relented but continues to pursue policies fostering the well-being of all residents and building a secure and inclusive community in Ido local government.

It is a fact that Adeojo is complimenting the long effort on effective security in his domain. A few months ago, he
donated Generator sets to the Kuola Police Division and Oke Alaaro Police Division.

Part of the Adeojo administration’s effort on security was the installation of solar-powered security lights At Orobiyi, Ward 8 in Ido local government.


Adeojo in his service to the people of Ido local government had stopped residents from traveling a long distance to get water. The provision of Boreholes
to the communities in need has made life less difficult for many.

In the last 12 months, Sheriff Adeojo has erected and commissioned Borehole water projects with presentation of a generator at Onigbodogi Apete Ward 4, Ido local government; erected and commissioned Borehole water projects at Arowosaye, Eseki, Aba-Baba Toria community, at Ward 5 Ido Local Government; erected and commissioned Borehole water project at Elewe Community Ward 3 Ido local government; erected and commissioned
Borehole water project at Ilaju at Ward 1 Ido local government.


He has always emphasized the need for quality education for children in their early years.

Adeojo has made more great effort in the education sector in his council.

He has distributed several learning materials, which have been identified as fundamental tools in raising intellectually sound adults.

Adeojo has seen it very important
for his administration to support the efforts made by teachers in Primary Schools by providing materials to make teaching and learning even easier for the pupils;

On Health

Adeojo over the years, especially in the last 12 months has brought quality health services closer to communities in Ido local government through primary health care, which is widely regarded as the most inclusive, equitable, and cost-effective way to achieve universal health coverage.

Not only in the last 12 months, Sheriff Adeojo has continuously in his effort distributed drugs and equipment to various Primary Health Care centers within his council area.

Around December, Sheriff, and his wife, Ifedolapo led women in the council area
to walk against gender-based violence, an action led by the Adeojos to say NO to physical, sexual, psychological and
economic harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion, or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life.

Hope for the Second Term

(Luke 12:48) To whom much is given, much will be required. Sheriff Adeojo in his last 32 months in office has served the people of local government wholeheartedly, he came; saw, and conquered in his first term as executive chairman of Ido local government.

His excellent performance has got him on track for a second term in office. Groups, individuals, residents, and communities in Ido not only admire Adeojo’s administration, but they all want him to return for another journey of 3 years as chairman of the council.

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