OYSIEC, Gov. Makinde Conducted Most Fraudulent Election In The History Of Oyo State – SAO


A chieftain of All Progressives Congress from the Ibarapaland area of Oyo state, Engr. Saheed Aderemi Oladele’ (SAO), has criticized the Oyo State Independent Electoral Commission, and state governor, Seyi Makinde for depriving the citizens of the state of their constitutional rights.

Engr. Oladele, SAO made the statement after the conclusion of the organized local government election held on Saturday across the state.

SAO said, OYSIEC in conjunction with Governor Makinde held a shameful and most fraudulent election in the history of the pace-setter state.

He complained that the OYSIEC wasn’t transparent at all in its activities and also gave the party in power the edge over other political parties.

” Tho! The good people of Ibarapaland from East, Central, and North are equally on one page, and we all have come together to speak in one voice.

The dominance of tyrants will come to an end one day, but whatever the story today, it’ll surely become history tomorrow. Unfortunately, those who sabotage the efforts of Our Party members who campaign in the morning and night will not be in a good chapter of history whenever the world refers to the April 27, 2024, local government election.

It’s saddening that the Oyo state government, led by Engr. Seyi Makinde and the Oyo State electoral commission conducted the most fraudulent election in the history of Oyo State. It’s a show of shame for them in how they portray the pacesetter state to the international community.

How do we describe this charade and show of shame by the Oyo State Electoral Commission acting on the script of Engr. Seyi Makinde?

This is unlawful, and this singular act will never attract or allow the development and growth of the grassroots. Well, I’m not surprised the governor has once said he’s not a true believer in local government administration and He won’t support autonomy, but he should have been more prudent with the way he lavished taxpayer money on the Kangaroo election when he knew in himself that he would not conduct a free and fair election.

Why can’t the Oyo State Electoral Commission conduct a free and fair election despite the promises the Chairman of the State Electoral Umpire made and reneging on them?

It’s saddening that in the last 3 years, most of the Council Chairmen failed to give back to their communities, and that is why they all failed to test water at the poll.

This election has shown that the PDP is on its way to extinction, and come 2027, the APC will bounce back and make the Pacesetter proud. What the PDP did was a big slap on the good people of Oyo State, and we must all come together to make sure democracy thrives.

We are winners regardless. We achieved unity and some level of preparedness going into 2027. We should all be proud of our work and ourselves!

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Iyawo Ramoni
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