Nigeria Has Been Living A Fake Life, We Are Just About To Get It Right By Prince Oladigbolu



The hunger and starvation are not new things. If the world is going to an end even tomorrow, there shall be millions of people complaining of hunger.

During the dispensation of President Muhammad buhari, when a loaf of bread was N300.00 and a bag of rice, N35,000 , people still complained. The point here is that you can’t skip the major routes to the promised land we are clamouring for, and it is the hope.

Success is like upstairs house, and you know why? It has flights (steps), nigeria and nigerians have been skipping the steps, and that’s why we are tired half way .

No matter how we complain, those steps we skip must give us discomforting moments, which is what we are experiencing at the moment.

Look at how nature openly revealed to the people of oyo state how failed the past administrations in oyo state were by intervention of the positive activities surrounding the current administration under the watch of governor makinde. The truth remains that no one can build a house with saliva and have peace under the roof.

Let us be patient enough and not allow anyone to use us (the youths) to secure a brighter chance in the next presidential election.

The new Nigeria is about to emerge.

Not Nigeria of before where people sleep as a poor person and wake up as millionaire, such a country can never be better. There are procedures to success in life.

New Nigeria is different from the old one, where people can’t be traced with any tangible occupation but accumulated wealth .

The new Nigeria that is different from the old where stealing and fraud is a way of life .

The new nigeria will not accommodate a situation where there are no dollars in the banks, but abokis have it. even though it is one hundred thousand dollars.

A new Nigeria that will not allow central bank to grant loans to conventional banks.

Not a Nigeria where 17 years old boy driving a Mercedes benz worth millions of naira and the parents never demand to know the source of his sudden fortune.

The new Nigeria will establish a very solid presence of consequences .

Not a Nigeria where some individuals who patronize foreign made cars, goods, e.t.c, that are always the first to criticize the government for purchasing foreign made cars instead of local made innoson or locally made goods

The new Nigeria will not allow some parts to ban the sale of alcohol but share from the VAT money collected from the sale of alcohol in other parts of the country.

Not the old Nigeria where Imam\Alfa\Pastors who suddenly become spiritual priests for known criminals and spiritualists because of money .

New Nigeria that will be completely different from a country that produces oil and pay more money for buying what they naturally own.

New Nigeria will not be that of a nation where stealing of one cup of garri will attract more jail term than stealing billions of public funds.

The new Nigeria is possible !

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