(New Alaafin) Among Contenders, I Saw The Most Ridiculous Curriculum Vitae In The History | Bolaji Asafa

I am writing to express my deep concerns regarding one of the contenders for the esteemed position of Alaafin. Upon reviewing the list of contenders, I came across a CV that, in my opinion, falls short of the expectations set for such a prestigious role.
The contender in question presents a CV that primarily reflects his past experience as a civil servant. While I acknowledge the importance of civil service, I believe that aspiring to a position as significant as Alaafin requires a more diverse and substantial background.
I am left wondering about crucial aspects of his profile that seem to be lacking. Fundamental details such as his academic background, career progression within the civil service, date of retirement, current engagements, and overall qualifications remain undisclosed. These omissions raise uncertainties about his readiness and suitability for assuming the responsibilities of Alaafin.
I am only curious about how one can effectively hold on to the history of working with a former minister as a domestic staff over twenty years ago and present it as a befitting profile in current stage of the world.
However, I am unsure of the best way to narrate the unique and embarrassing profile of such.
In reflecting on this period of time, I see no dichotomy between his role then and now – much like tending to ten she goats and ten he
egoats back then. Despite their number, still remaining stagnant at twenty years after without any further offspring, I believe there are still valuable lessons to be learned from that experience.
Moreover, it is essential to highlight the significance of Alaafin’s stature in African history and culture. The Alaafin holds a position of immense influence and responsibility within the Yoruba community and beyond. Therefore, any individual aspiring to this position must possess a comprehensive understanding of leadership, governance, and heritage.
Considering the historical importance and revered status of the Alaafin, the selection process must prioritize candidates with a proven track record of excellence, integrity, and service to their community.
I trust that the authority will give careful consideration to all aspects of the contenders’ profiles and choose a candidate who embodies the values and traditions befitting the esteemed position of Alaafin.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. I remain hopeful that the selection process will uphold the legacy and dignity of the Alaafin title.
Warm regards,
[Bayonle abolaji asafa]

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