Jagun Olubadan, Dotun Sanusi, Visits Olubadan Designate, Oba Owolabi Olakulehin


In a significant gesture of respect and tradition, Chief Jubril Dotun Sanusi, the Chairman and CEO of Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort, and the Jagun Olubadan of Ibadanland, paid a visit to the Olubadan designate, Oba Owolabi Olakulehin, at his residence. This visit underscores the deep-rooted traditions and respect within the hierarchy of Ibadan’s chieftaincy system.

Chief Sanusi, a key figure in both the business and traditional spheres of Oyo State, expressed his best wishes to Oba Olakulehin and reaffirmed his commitment to upholding the cultural heritage of Ibadanland. His position as Jagun Olubadan places him in a pivotal role within the traditional leadership structure, making his visit particularly noteworthy.

During the visit, Chief Sanusi praised the Olubadan designate for his unwavering dedication to the community and emphasized the importance of unity and progress. He highlighted how the transition to Oba Olakulehin’s leadership marks a new chapter for Ibadan, one that promises to continue the legacy of the Olubadan stool with integrity and vision.

The Jagun Olubadan also discussed potential collaborations between Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort and the Olubadan’s office to further promote tourism and preserve local culture. He stressed the vital role of traditional leadership in fostering community development and maintaining cultural values.

In his response, Oba Olakulehin expressed gratitude for Chief Sanusi’s visit and supportive words. He acknowledged the significant contributions of Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort to the local economy and expressed hope for continued partnership in enhancing the welfare and cultural heritage of Ibadan.

The visit was marked by traditional ceremonies and a warm reception from Oba Olakulehin’s household and notable dignitaries. This engagement reflects the mutual respect and collaborative spirit that is expected to characterize Oba Olakulehin’s reign, promising strengthened ties between the traditional institution and the business community in Ibadan.

Chief Sanusi’s visit as Jagun Olubadan is not only a sign of personal respect but also a reaffirmation of the deep-seated traditions that govern Ibadanland, illustrating the seamless blend of traditional leadership and modern development in the community.

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