Ibadan N’East PDP Party Exco, Leaders Pass Vote Of Confidence On Taiwo Iyiola



Party Leaders, local government executive, Ward Women leaders and youth’s leaders of People’s Democratic Party ( PDP ) in Ibadan North East local area of Oyo state have passed a vote of confidence on Mr. Taiwo Iyiola, the local government party chairman that was claimed to be suspended by state working committee of the party.

The vote of confidence followed allegation levelled against Taiwo Iyiola, the local government party chairman for an anti party activities.


They described Mr. Iyiola as a core party man and were impressed with his leadership style.


In a communiqué signed by Ward chairman, youth leaders, women leaders, elders and leaders of the PDP in Ibadan North East local government, passed a vote of confidence on Mr. Iyiola, saying he had piloted the affairs of the party in the local government in a transparent, collective and participatory manner, giving every members of the party a sense of belonging, added that, labelling the chairman as an anti party man is just a mere political statement.

” It is necessary for us to make a clarity on the issue of our chairman, who was claimed to be suspenedd after alleged of anti party activities.


” The Working Committee of our party should have considered to consult local party exco, Ward chairmen, and leaders in our local government before carrying out their Illegal suspension on a complaint emanated from unknown source.

” It is unfortunate that our state party Working Committee without any evidence will illegally adopted an illegal request from illegal people to suspend a legal, innocent and hard working party leader.


” Mr. Taiwo Iyiola is known to all leaders and members of PDP in Ibadan North East local government as a full party man, his loyalty to our party has been unquestionable, we were surprised when we heard he has been suspended for anti party activities without any evidence.

” Mr. Iyiola that will know has never engaged in a political friendship with our opponent party and we are sure he is one of the trustworthy leaders in our party who in all time, anywhere carries the flag of our party ( PDP ) high and higher.

” We will like to inform whom it may concern that, Mr. Taiwo Iyiola is still our party chairman in Ibadan North East local government and we are solidly behind him.








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