Ibadan Council Chair, Akintayo Convenes Security Meeting, Gives More Responsibility To Concern Stakeholders


In a bid to ensure a safe environment for his people, Hon Ibrahim Akintayo, the Chairman of Ibadan North East Local Government, convened a crucial meeting with key stakeholders including security agencies and Community Development Council (CDC) members.

In a release issued by the Council’s Information Officer, Ikeoye Oyetoro, the Chairman noted that the meeting is very crucial to ensure collaborative strategies to tackle security challenges within the council area.

Under the banner of unity, Chairman Akintayo urged community representatives to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities promptly emphasizing the importance of landlords conducting thorough investigations before renting or leasing their properties.

The Council Boss also encourages tenants to be cognizant of their fellow residents to foster a safer environment.

The Chairman underscored the significance of the slogan, “Operation Know Your Tenants,” and instilled a sense of responsibility with the directive, “If you see something, say something.” These guiding principles, he believes, will contribute to a heightened sense of awareness and security among the residents.

In a resolute commitment to the cause, Akintayo pledged continuous support to security agencies and community leaders. His assurance to provide the necessary backing underscores his dedication to ensuring a safe and peaceful environment for all residents.

These gestures and proactive measures from the Chairman, Hon Akintayo exemplify a commitment to fostering a secure and harmonious living environment for the residents of Ibadan North East Local Government.

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