Makinde Should Be Careful Of Arapaja, He Is Pretentious, Fetish – Group, Backs Adeleke

……. Condemns Sponsored Article

The Ibadan Youth Vanguard (IYV) has described an article written against Hon. Dare Adeleke, Special Adviser to Governor Makinde, on Federal Constituency Matters, as a cringe-worthy heap of trash.

The IYV, in a statement signed by its General Secretary, Akin Akingbade, accused the sponsors of the writer of wasting money on a smear campaign.

The statement read: “The sheer ignorance exhibited by the writer of that article shows that someone is wasting money on a smear campaign which, in the end, is a cacophony of rubbish that will end up like a pile of stinky dog waste by the roadside.

“The sheer cluelessness of the writer is laughable. The deranged mind sending out these messages doesn’t know who Dare Adeleke is.

“For the benefit of those reading his nonsense, we will give a point-by-point response.

“Since we suspect that his gibberish is emitting from a certain quarter, we’d like to give him a little bit of education: One, Ambassador Taofeek Arapaja, who has joined over five political parties, should be asked to produce the results from his ward.

“It is only a biased or mischievous mind that will refer to a person guilty of serial betrayal as a leader of the same entity he continually betrayed.

“Note that while Arapaja has a history of betraying those who have supported him, Dare Adeleke is a resolute man of courage and deep loyalty.

“It is only either a very foolish person or a deluded mind who will try to erase facts that anyone can easily find out with one click of the finger.

“It is laughable to say Adeleke never won his unit since 1999. This is why people sometimes question some people’s mental state.

“For the benefit of the dunderhead who wrote that article, let’s remind him of a fact that everyone knows already. Dare Adeleke has never lost his unit or ward since the formation of the PDP.

“Again, maybe the phantom is hiding somewhere behind, so let’s remind him through his very daft messenger that as a matter of fact, Taofeeq Arapaja has never won his polling unit or ward. We challenge him to produce the results from the last election.

“Arapaja is a perpetual traitor and now he wants to be the chief clown!

“Let’s mention a few of his perfidious trials – Chief Lamidi Adedibu and former Governor Alao Akala have both experienced his betrayal.

“We hereby caution His Excellency, Engineer Seyi Makinde, to be very cautious of Arapaja, who is creepily pretentious and fetishistic.

“Therefore, we unequivocally affirm and maintain that Dare Adeleke remains the leader.

“It is now clear that since the Leader of our party came for the Agboworin empowerment scheme, Ambassador Taofeek Oladejo, has been having sleepless nights.

“Having punched and punctured the lies of the nitwit regarding Dare Adeleke’s excellent records as a leader who has never lost his unit or ward in any election, let’s now correct his assertion about Adeleke’s legacy at the Pacesetter Transport Company.

“Adeleke’s service as Executive Chairman was not a short stint; it was a full term of the first administration of His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde. Adeleke handed over with a very clean record when the first term ended.

“Hon. Dare Adeleke left Pacesetter as an achiever. He voluntarily opted out and was thereafter elevated to the position of Special Adviser by His Excellency.

“For the benefit of those who read the ramblings of that madman, Hon. Dare Adeleke was never found wanting, neither did he face any panel.

“We would advise whoever is hiring the faceless joker to pen down those highly embarrassing mumble jumbles to stop wasting his money because he too is looking like an intoxicated fool.”



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