Bola Ige, Bisi Akande and Seyi Makinde


Bola Ige is my mentor and even at death I still love him because I cherish his politics.
Bola Ige gave me a letter to Chief Bisi Akande. Akande was the executive governor of Osun State. When I was travelling to Osogbo, I went with Adewuyi Adebayo.
The day we went was not the visiting day. I was allowed to see the governor due to the personality behind my being there. Bisi Akande was delighted to see me. He read the letter and nodded thrice. “Young man, are you the man who wrote in my defence in the Nigerian Tribune last week? Akande asked and I said “Yes Sir “. I brought out the paper. He read it and later stretched out his hand to shake me. I stood up to receive his hand shake. Bisi Akande thanked me and asked for my needs. I replied that my oga must have stated certain things in the letter I brought. Bisi Akande gave me the letter to read. My mentor praised me well and that I am a political asset to whoever comes in touch with me ” I looked up to the heaven not knowing what to say. Bisi Akande told me point blank that there is no room for appointment or contract. ‘Continue the way you are doing that made Cicero wrote good things about you ” He ended his speech and I stood up to go. He stretched out his hand again but without brown envelope. As I came out of his office, security people, gatemen etc came after me thinking that he gave me money. When I told them that the governor did not give me a dime, one security man replied “Why did you come to visit “AHUN”. Tell Chief Bola Ige to send you to the deputy governor, you are sure of 250 thousand Naira.” I thanked them and we zoomed off
I gave a verbatim report of what transpired between Akande and I to my mentor and Chief Bola Ige retorted, “Bisi lagidi sugbon mo mope yoo se daadaa gege bii gomina. Aseyori maa n waa fun principled person. Oderajo, learn from Bisi ” I didn’t utter a word before I left my oga.
PDP took over Osun State and I was happy that won le ahun wogbo but when I discovered what Bisi Akande left behind as good legacies, I doff my hat for Bola Ige’s observation of him
Now, to Seyi Makinde, like Bisi Akande, the present governor of Oyo State will leave behind, good legacies. Like Bisi Akande, Seyi Makinde is a principled person with agidi pee-pee-pee.
To those who are saying GSM has nothing to show for his 1st year in office, I implore them to check Moniya -Iseyin road to mention but few because free education means nothing to never do well. Hello, Seyi Makinde does not know me so never you think I wrote because of affinity

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